What was Occupy Wall Street all about?

November 11, 2015 in Uncategorized by cincybones

What was Occupy Wall Street all about? October 2011 is the time we all realized that though our parents and grandparents defeated the big state-based fascist dictatorships of mid-twentieth century Europe and Asia, and successfully brought an organized-labor-backed middle class into being, and instituted a military-backed superconsumer economic zone in the West (hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad), that last institution ensured an eventual win for the GLOBAL fascists, who now have our political system totally in their thrall.

Just any Democrat or just any Republican in the White House would not make the kind of difference to the power structure as it exists that we need to avert the mega-disasters awaiting us — a corporate-funded political hack with a tendency to be involved in ethical scandals, for instance, might spell a disastrous future as dismal as a reactionary billionaire whose paternal heritage was saved by casino-style speculation in casinos. The only hope we have is that someone with a squeaky-clean corporate donations record will have sufficient determination and acumen to win the nomination of one of the two ruling parties, and live long enough to begin to break that ruling power which is based on the enforcement of the will of any media-military-Wall-Street-industrialist with sufficient spondulix.  If that candidate also has a record of working with all stakeholders in a political question to come up with approaches that benefit those who have little interest in controlling society for their own benefit — typical, ordinary working people — as well as those upon whom such benefits always fall, then so much the better.