We Feel a Connection –

February 2, 2016 in Poetry, Religion by cincybones

We feel a connection –
Humans try to get as close to one another as we can
We have an impulse to merge in every way, and try every way we can
But find we are never close enough to lower that barrier of self between us

There is irony in that in our physical drive to merge
Instead of losing our individuality, we may create an individual

The physical barrier between us all
The plain fact that we each inhabit a separate body
Is not the main barrier that alienates us all, one from another
It is that we humans too readily confuse our abstractions with reality, whatever that is

Some of my favorite examples of this are these:  language, money, and religion
History is rife with strife from misunderstanding the nature of these human constructs

And another irony:  religion is one of those ways we try to reconnect with others
Though it has caused some of our most turbulent disconnections


February 1, 2016