Thirty Lines of Humanity

December 17, 2015 in Uncategorized by cincybones

We have many diseases, don’t we?
Under attack from multiple Kingdoms
Animalia, Bacteria, Fungi, Archaea, and Protista
Though likely to fade away from verbal usage
Are all locked in war with us all, though we call it selection
And we of humanity have had such impressive wins
That we stand ready now to obliterate our ancient foes
Even if it means turning our world into a more barren
More lifeless one, we swear we will not lose
Except by our own hands

Though the diseases of our bodies are small in relation
To the violent swings of the emotional pendulum
Which swings down through the ages of our genome
No invaders are these sentiments we feel as though they were thoughts
They came pre-loaded, as it were, an inheritance
Just like our eye-color, predisposition to organ failure
Or that unique trick of data processing our nervous systems
Have learned to use to fool us into unwarranted faith
That what we understand as being the world
Is what the world is

And if diseases of both body and mind are with us
There are also the ones we see the symptoms of
In our body politic, in the way our tribes and peoples
Fail to direct their energies into strategies useful
In the ever-mutable world we find our species shaping
Not with the new gifts of cunning and foresight bequeathed us
Nor the even more recent evolutions in the domains of tools and cultures
But with the grasping desperation of millions of generations
Of frightened, scurrying things with tiny brains, huge appetites,
And no foresight whatsoever


3 AM, Pearl Harbor Day, 2015