The Anti-partisan Viewpoint

June 22, 2015 in Party politics by cincybones


Until political parties are relegated to their appropriate secondary roles in our political system, I’ll remain staunchly anti-partisan.  Right now, electing a candidate to high office puts the political party she or he affiliates with into a position of power within that electoral region, and the balance of political power between the two parties that have won the vast majority of electoral posts since the American Civil War determines way too much about how political power can be exercised in our system in general, or by any particular official, depending on her/his affiliation.

Political parties should be ideological lobbies; they should endorse candidates and exert their political wills however they legally may, but it should be illegal for them to control primary elections, and for candidates for office to affiliate with them.  Just as it would be unacceptable for a candidate to be affiliated with, say, a meat-industry lobby, or a bank, or any particular business or organization.  The power to govern us that we delegate to office-holders is too precious for us to allow such affiliations – they make politicians beholden to less than the whole nation, and the natural trend will be for these parties to work to consolidate their king-making power, to collude to exclude smaller competing interests, and to polarize our communities into unbending ideological zombies.