Lawrence Wilkerson — a Military-Industrial Apparatchik Awakens

December 27, 2015 in Law, Move To Amend, Political Philosophy, World politics by cincybones


We need to take on some of the scariest corporate powers in the world today if we are to save the America we hold dear in our hearts and minds.

This is an interview with a man who finally realized the full extent of the evil he himself was perpetrating as a military cog in the Corporate Empire aspect of America — we will all have to come to the same realization of our own complicity as members of a society that enshrines that corporate power.

Move To Amend ( is the anti-corporate-power-organization that is addressing this problem from the most cogent legal point of view — if you view our country’s Constitution as foundational to protecting our welfare, our liberties, our justice, and our domestic tranquility, then that is where we must start our efforts; this view is founded on the principle that it is better to appeal to the courts of a society, and its laws, than to always be fighting each other.