From Nelson Mandela’s Words

June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized by cincybones

NelsonMandelaPovertyIsManMade  Photo from the Progressive Radio Network

Right! Many people have seen this clearly enough, but have misdiagnosed the causes, and many are still feeling their way toward some kind of diagnosis.  One problem is that our economic language still doesn’t have the subtlety or precision to speak intelligently enough about it yet.  Mandela had a gift of cutting through a lack like that to the broad, simple strokes everyone could understand.

The flip side of Mandela’s observation here is that the fight to eliminate poverty can be impeded by human beings, though it is typical of him that he stated the more positive form.  As we ask ourselves what are the human motivations to perpetuate poverty, after casting about for the villains and scoundrels who must be to blame, we would do well to remember that the capitalists are mere boogy men, the bankers and lawyers and politicians and military-industrialist-media moguls and CEOs and such are mere symptoms of the disease within us all.