Duopoly Distortions

March 12, 2016 in Political Philosophy by cincybones

It couldn’t be clearer to me that the realpolitik surrounding the unnatural and undemocratic (and non-constitutional) institution of the two-party system (duopoly) is creating many of the conditions that allow wealthy elites to control our political, legislative, judicial, and regulatory institutions — the reasons are many, and are both obvious and subtle, including that two parties are easier to control than more parties, that it’s easier to promote partisan polarization of the populace if two entrenched parties are sharing power, and that keeping the core deceptions of the oppressive culture in the mainstream and marginalizing any tendencies to reform is easier when such polarization is maintained.
I know not what course others may take, nor do I have any sense of when a significant number of people will awake to these facts, and see that the duopoly is “too big to fail,” and, as much or more than our big banks, needs to be broken up, but I know I will continue to vote for my estimation of the best candidate, not on the basis of the manufactured polarization of the two-party system.