Jill Stein’s Best Speech Yet

August 6, 2016 in Move To Amend, Party politics by cincybones

This is the most expansive speech I have heard from Jill Stein yet, and it seems to go right down the line of what I believe politically, even more than Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric did before he “stepped down.”   The Green party has been building slowly for a decade and a half, now, with the well-funded resistance from the two corporate-backed parties blocking them from media exposure – blocking them in every way they could, in fact.   If Sanders hadn’t given me some hope that the Democratic party could be returned to its roots in common people’s interests, I’d have been supporting Stein long ago, instead of viewing her as a fall-back candidate if Sanders didn’t win, but this speech cements my belief that Stein has the right direction for our country, and the grit to actually try to change things for the better, even against the entrenched interests that will surely continue to do their best to obliterate her and her message.   No matter who tackles the status quo, it will be an incredible fight, but wouldn’t it be nice if the first woman president of our United States was also the first to try to bring us into the modern age, with tuition-free college, universal healthcare as a human right, and  sane energy and food supplies: