So we’re back to “Inevitable Hillary” again, huh?

July 27, 2016 in Party politics, Political Philosophy by cincybones

Another friend has posted a concession to the Inevitable Hillary Clinton campaign on her facebook account.  The Masters of Society are winning again, surprise, surprise …

Bernie supporter friends – we united behind Bernie for the movement he started. He’s out of the race now, so it’s up to us to keep it going. Vote for Hillary. Volunteer for Hillary. And get involved in local politics. Volunteer for congressional, gubernatorial, state legislature, mayoral, city council, county sheriff, prosecutor, school board, and even PTA candidates who are on our side. Have conversations and find common ground with centrists and undecideds. We have to get in real close to the Death Star before we can hit the ventilator shaft.

Her professional-class friends rush to agree, but I feel differently; another of her friends does also — he replies:
Bernie is opposite Hilary. So you just are voting Democrat. Look for real answers. Look at Libertarian or Constitutional parties.

I reply:

Don Bones Parrett Or Green, of course ….

The predictable friend-of-my-friend responses:

Voting for any of those will only help Trump win. We have to get behind Hillary.  (and:)

Historically, she’s right. If stopping Trump is priority one, Hillary is the only viable option.
Don Bones Parrett Respectfully, from our point of view, voting for Hillary Clinton because otherwise the Repubs will elect a small-minded con-man should indicate that maybe we should go with the candidate whose positions actually are nearly identical to the guy who drew the huge crowds and was able to remain a predominantly grass-roots-funded candidate who dramatically out-raised his opponent, and voting for a war-hawk corporatist multimillionaire with a severely damaged political reputation is only helping Trump win. Uniting behind the kind of Democrat who looks at folks who want real reform, real international solutions, and real peace and saying “The Democratic Party is a center-left party,” and expecting us to support a continuation of the kind of politics that has brought us to this point in history where our “only” choices for chief executive are a super-privileged huckster and a brilliant, well-meaning, frustrated, power-hungry, sad former first lady whose husband dragged the party of the workers toward the Ivy League, professional-class political center, and want to hold it there until it drowns, is what will get Trump elected in my view, if anything does.
Friend of my friend You can’t actually believe that someone aside from Hillary or Trump will win though. If you think that anyone aside from either of them, including Jill Stein, has a fighting chance, you’re delusional.
Don Bones Parrett You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us.
Friend of my friend If by “dreamer” you mean “utterly disconnected from reality” then I guess.

Don Bones ParrettFrom my point of view, you are the ones not dealing with reality. I fully expect the world of humanity to come crashing down soon, following the currently progressing collapse of the living systems that have survived with us for millions of generations, but I won’t vote for it.

And finally, as a separate reply to the original post:

Don Bones Parrett When the big crash comes, everyone below the level of the top 1% of Americans (nearly all Americans are very privileged to be in the top 1% of the world population) in income and wealth will be in the same leaking life-raft, unless we turn to the policies the biggest crowds and the bravest people in the country supported, and the poor lady who thinks we need to keep flexing our diplomatic and military strength around the world the way we always have, with the best remote-control destruction the richest country can afford, financed by those who can “gain the world” from it, that poor lady has clearly learned those lessons about political corruption, electoral chicanery, and public deceit, that we must all strive to oppose, and that have put her in the position to lead our glorious charge over a cliff that may be humanity’s last.

You are correct that no one but Clinton or Trump has a very good chance of being our next president, but that’s just because people have a hard time looking outside whatever box they’re in at the moment, and the two-party deadlock dilemma is a box long in the making — but that is the problem we need to work on in my view, and all it would take is a little courage from people too used to saying “You can’t actually believe that someone aside from a Democrat or a Republican will win.”