No Women Shooters?

November 9, 2018 in Uncategorized by cincybones

My friend posed this question on social media:  “Not one of these mass shooters has been a female; what is it our society that is mentally tripping out some males into aggressive acts?”

My answer:

It’s a safe bet that the most all-inclusive answer is “evolution.” Aggression is one of those defining characteristics of humanity that has assured our survival as a species, and even more so the dominance of our warlike culture. We like to call the great liberal arts and sciences “the humanities,” but these extraordinary gifts of our more sublime nature only have equal footing, not greater, with aggression, greed, pridefulness, and the various lusts we have, as propagators of our prosperity. International war is an extension of tribal warfare, which is an extension of our drive to eliminate competitor species, which is an extension of every living thing’s drive to live, which is an extension of every gene’s attempt to replicate itself and thereby achieve immortality. Fortunately, just as these facts balance those traits we call the humanities, the striving for individual life and immortality are also balanced by the debt our survival owes to symbiosis …. to cooperation and mutual support …. to diplomacy and peace; in our bodies that have co-opted cell tissues from many life-forms lost in eons past, and in our genetic makeup.

Males have warring DNA; the Y chromosome is losing to the X right now in our 23rd chromosome pair, while women are whole there — a whole person has no need to go subdue the “other” in their society’s midst.