Welcome to the bog; sink in and get comfortable!

I don’t really expect anyone to be BLONE away by my blog – why should anyone even be interested in what a big, goofy, midwestern, hippie-type poet-philosopher has to say?  Nevertheless and allthesame, I find I feel that my ramblings just might be of use to someone, and they are all I have to contribute at this point in my life, my youth having long fled, and having been wasted in the typical dissipations of a midwestern, hippie-type poet-philosopher.

I think anger, bitterness, and disrespectful attitudes are on the rise in our society, and would probably be that way from increased population pressure and environmental degradation alone, but these conditions are exacerbated by the social ills engineered into society as well, and the engineers of society (Everyone from Madison Avenue and Wall Street to the Federal and state governments and the Republocrat partisans and DC think tanks to Hollywood and the corporate media) are well-paid to keep poking at our soft spots to keep us riled up and at each others’ throats to forestall any solidarity we might build against the stultifying status quo.

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